Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YPCV Fills Rivermont Pizza, A Prophecy

Ok, so, I'm not really a prophet. I'm just thinking that with all the comments I've heard in the last two weeks (so many people telling me that they're going), and with the showing we've been getting over the last couple of months, this is going to be a HUGE event. Rivermont Pizza is an awesome venue with incredible pizza and a massive selection of good beer. I can't imagine this Thursday being anything other than crowded, energetic, and stuffed with fun. What's that you say, you want to join us? Well, that could be tricky. It will involve you driving to Rivermont Pizza at 5:35pm and (if that weren't hard enough) going inside and hanging out with your friends (I know! tedious).


Actually, that's not very hard at all is it?
I'm just being silly now, but you SHOULD come and you should bring your friends too. This will be a great night to introduce them to YPCV.

I'll see you there.

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