Monday, March 23, 2009

The Monday Blahh...Yayyys!

Is this you on a Monday morning? Or, perhaps any day of the week after a big lunch at King's Island Chinese buffet? (sorry Jonathan)

Mondays don't have to be all about the Blahhs.
I'm learning that, if I get enough sleep during my weekend and I schedule my time in such a way that I'm not doing "worky" things, I can really look forward to hitting the office on Monday morning. This, I expect, will lead me to greater success in my profession.

What supervisor doesn't want to see a smiling worker already at the office when they show up on Monday morning? Right?

On Thursday night YPCV hosted an incredible 535 at Rivermont Pizza. The venue was outstanding and though I'd say that there were only about 60 of us there, we packed out the small-ish area that we had been given and moved into the main bar, forcing the restaurant to call in extra hands to serve food and drinks.

Opera on the James gave us a taste of their Don Giovanni performance, which will be on April 3rd (for tickets call 434-528-3397). I couldn't have been more impressed. I even attended an exhibition that one of the bass performers (Branch Fields) gave on Sunday at a local church. This guy just came to Lynchburg from BROADWAY!
Wow, it was amazing. I can't wait for the 3rd.

Opera is far, far, from my everyday experience, so seeing a performance last night, (along with doing some gardening in the yard), helped me to relax even better than usual.

Today, I feel like a million bucks. In a society where many of us work weekends and late nights, and productivity is our new American Idol, let me encourage you to truly relax on your days off. People who rest better, work better, and people who work better feel better about themselves and get their boss's attention.

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