Thursday, March 12, 2009

Connections and Connection

The Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce held its annual Connections trade show on Tuesday of this week. This was the first time I had attended a trade show on behalf of YPCV (they're pretty darned expensive to get into). I'm not sure if everyone who set up a booth had the experience that I did, but I have to say that there connections, then there are CONNECTIONS.

If you can imagine a large gymnasium filled with tables, set into isles, and each one representing a business (sorta like your 7th grade science fare), then you've got a good image of what the show looked like. We're all trying to get your attention. We're giving things away, making noises, showing videos, and gladhanding (sales jargon for smiling and shaking as many hands as possible) all over the place.

YPCV was able to generate about 15 new members through the show. And, if that weren't encouraging enough, we sold a sponsorship for a 535 and were offered free radio air time by a local radio station.

In my world, that's a great day at the gym.

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